Component Supply

Sale, Exchange & Loan

No matter how frequent or extensive your requirement, our customer service team is available 24/7/365 to source your Spares and Tool requirements for all commercial and business jets. We offer a range of vendor management, Repair Management, Material Sales, Exchanges, Spares Pooling, Tooling, and Surplus Consignment services. We guarantee a service level or a range of pricing based on either volume or exclusivity, including:

  • 24/7/365 AOG services
  • A dedicated customer manager
  • Regular reporting on request
  • Consolidated invoicing per project as required
  • Logistics and transportation services

All spares are supplied with full certification with guaranteed delivery from our extensive inventory.

Exchange Pool Access

Aves Aero Aviation provides the professional alternative to the traditional airline model where capital is locked up in slow moving and expensive inventories. We can reduce costs and provide a new source of cash with discount off manufacturers’ list prices.

  • Invest in availability based on service levels, not in components
  • Advanced exchange is provided to a guaranteed service level
  • Pool access is available against a defined inventory range and chosen locations
  • Aves Aero Component Support is tailored to match airline requirements and demand
  • Inherent flexibility is provided as airline operations and fleets change

Surplus Inventory

AVES AERO is well placed to assist airline customers, other operators and MROs to divest themselves of excess stock. It is often the case that inventory was purchased directly from the OEM to support a fleet, but that fleet has now changed, so it is surplus to a requirement. Aves Aero’s commercial team can advise on surplus stock disposal, lease back, or a variety of tailored options.

Spares Provisioning & Vendor Management

Aves Aero manages extensive component inventory holdings on behalf of airline customers and lessors. Stock, including spare parts for engine or airframe management programs, can be re-located in Aves Aero’s warehouse at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul or deployed across Aves Aero’s network of global hubs. Skillful management enables Aves Aero to use its global network to leverage these assets on behalf of customers. Operators need certainty of operational costs to sustain and improve efficiency. By outsourcing inventory management to Aves Aero and utilizing the expertise, infrastructure and technology that is constantly adapted to market demand by our team, they can focus on dispatch reliability, brand experience and maintaining a profitable product.

Aircraft Disassembly & Recycling

Component Supply

Maintenance Consultancy

AOG Services

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