Aircraft Disassembly & Recycling


Aves Aero provides management and services for Aircraft Disassembly and Recycling to customers in Eastern Europe, CIS and Middle East. Our focus is first on environmental safety and then to complete the project within a defined scope.

Before each aircraft disassembly project the maintenance manual and IPC are evaluated for value added items. A job card is created for each part removal complete with the MM & IPC reference attached. This gives our technicians a clear path, ensures proper removal procedures and speeds up the disassembly process.

Aves Aero’s FAA/ EASA licensed team has the knowledge of the environmental risks, safety protocols, and technical knowledge of aircraft dismantling & recycling process.

Aves Aero has earned a respected reputation for having rapid response availability and knowledgeable technicians in all areas of Aircraft Disassembly & Recycling. When the job is complete let us recycle the airframe and lower your overall cost.

Aircraft Disassembly & Recycling

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